Well known accident investigator Stan Bezuidenhout describes this as follows:

“When we conduct ANY investigation, no matter how small or large, AT LEAST the following issues and elements are considered AT THE SCENE:

  1. Human Element – What were the Human factors that were present in the incident?
  2. Environmental – What weather, temperature, visibility or other elements were present at the time of the incident?
  3. Mechanical – What vehicle design, engineering, operational or maintenance factors are present?
  4. Engineering – What road, structure or physical design elements are present?
  5. Law enforcement – What law enforcement element is present or absent from the location?
  6. Corporate – What elements of corporate governance, policy or procedure is in place?
  7. Impact – What impact will this incident have on any of the other elements considered?
  8. Forward engineering – What elements should, could, would, might or can be implemented to prevent a repeat event?”

Accident Investigation and Vehicle Telematics

The accident investigator plays a very important role in the process f investigation and reporting on the contributing factors to an accident. His report is important to the police services, traffic enforcement, vehicle owners and insurance companies.

The accident investigator uses a wide variety of tools at the accident scene. But can vehicle technology assist the investigator and fleet manager in establishing the causes of the accident?


The process of investigation is now also aided by the availability of technology and specifically the on-board computers or “black boxes” which we refer to as Vehicle Telematics.