GEBCO is a young and dynamic company specialized in providing state of the art installation for GPS tracking system provided by ETIT (Egyptian company for Tracking and Information Technology).   GEBCO was established in September 2013 immediately after the authorization of ETIT to be the only Egyptian legal entity to provide GPS tracking system in Egypt by National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA).

                   GEBCO is a shareholding company owned in large by ASAS Consultation Company as a major shareholder and other individuals including the key executives of the company to ensure superior delivery of quality.

                  GEBCO's brief existence indicates a solid growth and commitment to quality and progress.  The rapid expansion has poised the company to take the lead in total quality satisfaction among competitors.   GEBCO is the only company that has the right to sell and install GPS tracking devices provided by ETIT.  This unique arrangement guarantees to the end customer a one stop shopping and the highest level of customer satisfaction.   


GEBCO has hired what is believed to be the finest Egyptian experts in their respective fields.  Technical team is led by Eng. Hesham Mehani, who is considered to be the authority in advanced automotive technology in Egypt.  He is also GEBCO MD to insure its total commitment to superiority in that arena.   Mr. Ashraf F. Gouda is the Business Development Director with an international experience in Sales, Marketing, Customer Delight, and innovative products and services.

  GEBCO has on its team more than 15 highly trained professional in its strategically located offices at Nasr City in Cairo, 6th of October city in Giza as well as 4 Rapid Deployment Teams “RDT” (Each consists of an Engineer and two trained technicians for remote areas and large fleets).  Plans for opening new branches are aggressively adopted

In its brief existence, GEBCO has more than 265 satisfied customers from various industries.  GEBCO has installed GPS tracking devices in more than 6726 vehicles from various models.  The list includes advanced technology trucks and passenger cars.  Car and truck models are late models reaching 2016 models.  Communications were established and progressed with dealership networks all across Egypt for new cars, trucks and busses to train them for installation for their brands according to each models built- in technology and without interrupting its warranty requirements.  


                GEBCO executive team has created and implemented range of innovative products and services to complement its line of business. All of those products are geared to maximize customer satisfactions and reduce customer operational cost and increase its productivity.  Some of those products are “Installation Service Program” to Insure continuous uninterrupted service after installation at minimum cost.  Another program is “Back Office Support System” BOSS, which is geared to bridge the gap of needed informations at any given time.  “Front Office Support System” FOSS, is designed to produces full range of required reports to various departments professionally and on time.  The program will serve management concept of “decide on the right time with available information”.  So many other programs are available just need to be explored by your operational team.

 Automech Formula Alahram 2015

1.1 GEBCO progress


GEBCO  have increased sales from day one until know we challenge ourselves to increase our sales every day.

GEBCO invaded the market with ethics and quality management GEBCO struggled because of this approach but then principals cannot be separated.  2 years later, GEBCO is positioned as number one on market by ETIT ranking.  http:// www.etit-eg.com/centers.html


1.2GEBCO’s innovative customized solutions:


GEBCO is the lead company to provide monitoring & management serves for fleets.

GEBCO bright minds made us able to deliver some innovative customized solutions. For example and for counting

* Loading/dispatching solution for concrete trucks

* Waterproof package for harsh environments

* Seatbelt warning without changing seatbelt buckles.

* Solution for blind spots on dangerous roads.

* Sea Container shipping on roads in Egypt without power source

* Egyptian Rail Road system for monitoring Cargo vehicles with no power supply and fully automated.


And much more. ….


1.3 GEBCO’s Organizational Chart:


Gebco is proud to be the pioneer company in implementing modern management tools and techniques in its operation in Egypt.  The below organizational chart is a dynamic one and is adopting to GEBCO’ progressive style.  The chart has grown by 300% in number of positions over the period of company’s existence since 2013


1.4 Some of our clints


Hesham Ahmed Mehani

Address: 24th, first district

Third neighborhood,

Sheikh Zayed City, Cairo, Egypt

Tel:      (+202) 38517762

Tel:   (+20) 01099492277

Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Work Experience:

MD, Gebco for specialized security systems

(Mar 2014 – present)

Technical and Customer Service Manager, Automotive Technology and Engineering Center (July 2004- Feb 2014)

 * Responsible for managing all automotive Technical evaluation, repair, and assessment for the overall jobs.

 * Manage all the staff training, evaluation and assessment for smooth flow of operation.

* Member of ATEC management team responsible of supplying relevant information, suggestions and feedback for the automotive service as a profit center.


Senior Automotive Trainer, Ahmadia Training and Education Center, ATEC (2007-Present)

* Design and deliver training curriculums for advanced automotive technology.      Delivered Subjects includes but not limited to ABS principals, CAN Bus systems, Diagnostic Tools language, Diagnostic tools interfaces, automotive computer programming, Lubricants and additives evaluation process, Modern automotive electronic systems.


Maintenance Engineer, Shobra Co. for Engineering Industries, March 2002- July 2004


* Responsible for preventive and ongoing scheduled maintenance in a very sensitive national security production facility.

* Developed and implemented a strict spare parts inventory program to support maintenance activity supported by recommended manufacturing suggested plan.


*Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Higher Technological Institute (HTI) 10th, of Ramadan City

Grade, good.

Graduation project, Air fuel interaction though the combustor of gas turbine engines.

 Grade, excellent.

* Registered in the Pre Master of Science, Cairo University

Automotive Training and Education:   

* Vehicle modern communication Systems (ELC1) Chrysler, Bosch Academy

     * Vehicle modern communication systems (ELC2) BMW, Bosch Academy

 Mercedes Benz, Bosch Academy (Vehicle modern communication systems (ELC3*

*Mat lab 7

*Electronic Injection systems in modern Automotive (ATEC)

*Electronic transmission theory and electronic management (ATEC)

*Vehicle pollution evaluation using mobile gas analyzers, Cairo University

*Communication in modern vehicles (CAN Bus), Bosch Academy.

* Automotive key programming, Advanced Diagnostic Co, UK


Professional Automotive skills:

* Skilful user of a vast range of  Automotive diagnostic tools such as Launch X431 and all its versions, Dia Gun and C-reader, Carman scan tool II, Lite and VG+, Brain Bee ST6000, 8000 and BID, G scan, Hi Scan, Auto Boss, Multi Scan, Texa, Genesis among many others.

* Practiced on Star diagnostic Tool for Mercedes Benz, Can Clip for Renault, PP2200 for Pegout and Citroen, Tech I and II for GM, OP COM for Opel and Vauxhall, VCM for Ford, Consult III for Nissan, HDS for Honda, and Intelligent Tester for Toyota.  

* Specialized in electronic Key programming machines such as AD100 pro and MVP from Advanced Diagnostics, AD900 for EE prom programming, AD35, 36 and 37, Zed bull, SBB for Silca, Tango, T-300, Abritus ICC for PIN Codes, TM pro and many others.

* Proficient in using A/C maintenance machines Brain Bee Clima 8000, 9000, and ICC from Luvata

* Practiced in diagnosing electronic problems, alignment Machines, car inspection, and wide range of automotive workshop equipment and its brands

Additional Technical Contributions:

* Frequent and consistent participant at Al- Ahram Automotive weekly publication titled "Car Preventive Maintenance" that educated the public on the proper methods of maintaining an excellent working condition for your Automobile.

* Managed and completed Several " Educational training model" project for Gasoline and Diesel Engines commissioned by the Armed Forces Technical School, Faculty of Engineering Cairo University, Imbaba institute for Aeronautics as well as Mataria faculty of Engineering, Helwan University.

Personal Information:

Marital Status: Married with 2 children

Language: Fluent in English

Date and Place of Birth: 28, January, 1976, Cairo, Egypt.


3 GEBCO’s Business Development Director


Home Address: 146 T Hadayek Alahram, Giza, Egypt

Telephone: (+20) 39140502

Mobile: (+20) 1002581818

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination “

Albert Einstein.

 MBA in Oil and Gas, Mechanical Engineer with several international management and 25 years of business experience poised for a challenging opportunity. Extremely creative, as an entrepreneur in negotiating deals with all levels of stakeholders’ including senior s of concerns to close management and business owners Talented in addressing the issue in business deals. A diverse and skilful manager who rises to the challenge of new product, service, and industries


MBA (AMBA Accredited)

Aberdeen Business School Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

• Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

Human Resource Diploma

• University of Wales, UK

Multiple, Management, Sales and Communication Certificates

• USA, UK, Egypt and UAE

Professional Career History


May 2014- Present Business Development Director

Gebco for Specialized Security Systems

2003-2010/ 2013-Present Business Development Manager

Advanced Technology and Environment Company (ATEC), Cairo

• Developed, maintained and nurtured an extensive range of contacts with various levels of stakeholders within and outside the organization in order to serve the strategic purpose of the business units on the functional and corporate levels.


• Utilize the high analytical skill ability to interpret various legal and governmental phrases while monitoring the implementation of the organizational polices to conform to local and international laws.

• Applied world standards in customer delight with proactive initiatives as compared to customer satisfaction while supervising the operational performance to serve the customer and organizational objectives

• Planned, managed and evaluated all the KPI’s in both sales and customer service departments and utilized the complex maze of instruction and laws to create a usable efficient frame work enabling the creation of enhanced effective solutions.

Active internal and external negotiator with all stake holders with primary concern in managing employee relation and recommending solutions to related problems. Creative out the box suggestions to tame various potential conflicts between labor and organizations.



2000-2003 Executive Business Manager

GS Technologies Inc., Atlantic City, NJ, USA

• Developed a Computer Training Center certified by the State of New Jersey and Microsoft as a Developing, leading and executing HR strategies and tactics are aligned with the company's goals, missions and values.

• Design and conduct multiple positive training for communications.

• Response to the need to develop young skills in the states.

• Negotiated with the State Labor Department all the necessary business development plans along with KPI’s to justify the program’s progress.

• To qualify for the state funds, I have positioned the training center as a “registered Private Learning Center” with the NJ State Board of Education which resulted in securing US $2,500,000 in new revenue annually.


1995-2006 Executive Business Manager

Tax World Inc., Atlantic City, NJ, USA

• Developed and managed tax preparation business with focus on Superior Customer service that increased the customer base to 2100 clients up from 200 over 8 years period with returning clientele of 80%.

• Revolutionized standard business practices by catering to clients own diversified business needs thus resulting in an unprecedented 1,000% business increase over an 8 year period

• Developed and implemented all strategic and business development planning, resulting in the expansion of the business from 1 to 5 branches in the state of New Jersey.


1996-2001 Business Development Manager

American Group of New Jersey, Inc. (AGNJ) is a fully accredited Travel Agency with IATA No 31-523214.

• Working as Business Development manager did harness all the small travel Agency in the area to make AGNJ the leading Travel Agency in Atlantic City area for the Spanish community, (I am not Spanish) with revenues of 3 million Dollars of the end of 2001.

• Qualified AGNJ to the membership of ASSTA (American Society of Spanish Travel Agency) as the ONLY non-Spanish member due to the large sales volume.


1997- 2006 Business Manager

Tower One Limited, NJ, USA a "Business Space Leasing” company to serve the other entities and strategically utilize all the tax benefits as a holding company.

1989-1995 Assistant General Manager

Three Stars Import and Export Co, New York, USA

• Supervised a staff of 5 accountant, material manager and sales personnel

• Initiated purchasing and export negotiations and finalized import and export contracts.

• Provided key leadership resulting in the increase of annual sales from US $250K to US $5.6 M


1986-1989 Quality Control Assistant Manager

Gillette Co, Cairo, Egypt

• Supervised and trained 17 employees and administered an annual budget of US $5.00 M.

• Increased QC departmental performance efficiency by 120% within 3 years.( Production/staff)

• Received special recognition for the “Best Comprehensive QC System” among 28 Gillette factories





• Talented in tailoring communication style to work with peers, customers and contractors specially when working in cross culture environment as businesses are today.

• Skilled negotiator with a WIN-WIN approach implementation underpinned by my previous roles as business owner and general manager.


Teamwork and Leadership

• Initiated and delivered a sales skills development program for ATEC sales force of 15 people over a 2 years period with all aspects of sales from beginners to skillful as response to SWOT analysis.

• Organized and supported several sports initiatives in Gillette, Advanced Technology Company as well as social interests of subcontracts like football games, beach trips, as well as abroad trips.

• Organized and executed “food for poor” drive in 2007-2009 as part of social awareness program in rural Cairo in the time of religious/ social celebrations.

• Initiated a “Europe through Driving” covering 5000 km in 10 days as part of get to know the world personal initiative. Repeated across USA. China discovery was via train ride.


Organizational and Time Management

• A year after being at the helm of ATEC Business Development departments, I assumed full responsibility for proposals for tendering, National and international projects including the complex negotiation with CTA for 500 million pounds 10 years dynamic contract with WIN- WIN principal.

• As Business Development Manager I had the responsibility of contracting the exhibition time, place and stand size, negotiate the full contract agreements including, advertising, payments, location superiority, etc. promoted all the marketing materials and special sales items and packages.

• Initiated and organized sales/education seminars for customers and employees as mini projects and followed up with the assessment criteria for success evaluation. Those seminars were essential when the sales/skills slips or as a reaction to SWOT analysis and action plan.


• Member of "Board of Academic Review" Robert Gordon University, UK

• Fluent in both English and Arabic

• Skillful with Microsoft professional packages, including power points, excel, words etc.

• World Traveler with great ease of culture adaptation. Visited over 40 countries in 5 continents and some of them more than 10 times.


• AMBA. Association of Master Business Administration

• Oil, Gas and Energy Law Intelligence, Aberdeen chapter

• Chartered Management Institute.

• Renewable Energy Association.



• Full and current UK, USA, and Egyptian driving license.

• Authorized to work in UK, EU, USA, Egypt, AND Middle East.




• Academic and Professional References are available.

4 ETIT Authorization certificate


5 Taxes documents

6 Taxes documents